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Friday, February 25, 2011

Day in, Day out

A peek into our days of late....

Its getting warmer...and we're getting ready for swim season.

Family home evening has been a very fun adventure!! We love teaching Carson (and Chelsea) about Jesus.

Pretty sure this is one of the cutest things ever!! I love her pink toes.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mommy Moments

As I was holding my little girl tonight, putting her to sleep, I had a few thoughts...as I usually do when I have quiet time without distraction. For my own benefit, I would like to jot them down. I think I'll try to do this occasionally as an added supplement to my journal.

Sometimes as a 'First-time Mom' we might feel like we are the young-ones of the group. Here are my personal feelings on that. And what I would tell every new mom out there.

You are the best mom ever. Just because you are a 'First-time Mom' doesn't mean you are inferior to other moms. Other moms are not better than you, nor are they or ever were a more experienced 'First-time mom'. No one gets to do their first child experience over again--whatever mistakes they made are past and they learn from them and keep on going. By the time a mom has child number 2, they have crossed over into 'First-time mother of 2'; it's all new territory and everything is new again with two.

So don't ever feel like someone might do it better, or that you are failing, or anything else. Your kid(s) are yours. Whether you have 1, 2, or 5 kids; no one is better than you. You are the BEST mom...because you are their mom---anyone besides you wouldn't measure up. Just keep going. Take some advice, mix it with your own intuition, and then dump the rest. You'll figure it out...and you'll LOVE the journey.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Mickey Mouse cake made by Mama

Blowing Bubbles

Playing with balloons

Ripping open presents

Build a Bear workshop with Gramma

Mickey Mouse pancakes

Lots of Love and phone "Happy Birthday!"s from out of town family

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Large and Lovin' it

Chelsea M. 4 month stats

19.2 lbs--off the charts
a typical 10 month old weighs this much

27 in--off the charts
a typical 9 month old is this tall

Not sure where she got it all from...maybe her Uncle Hansen has the explanation. At least she is balanced.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 2 2 2

My Son is 2 today!

He loves his daddy
He loves the snow
He loves his blankie
He loves his sister

We Love our Carson Bugs! Happy Birthday

No, the snow is not from today. It was last weekend.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chelsea Month:4

I can't believe she is already 4 months old

I can't believe she is ONLY 4 months old

Funny that I feel both of these to be true.
Time is just flying by and yet I can't imagine when we didn't have our Chelsea Goo

*Chels loves her jump up. It gives her a better view of the world around her
*This is my smilely girl. She is super happy and such a great entertainer.
* She loves to play with her lips and tongue...we get lots of drool this way too!

*We still have a great sleeper on our hand. She sleeps 15 hours with 2, sometimes 1, feeding in between.
*Her favorite sleep position is on her side, her head stretched all the way back, and her back arched.

*Chelsea loves to play with her blankets. 9 out of 10 times when I go to get her from her crib she has the blanket pulled up over her face. Even if a tuck them in around her...she manages to find the edge and pull. She just loves to have something to hold. (recently mom's hair has become a favorite)

*Since she was 1 month old, Chels has had a HORRIBLE skin condition on her face. It started out as awful acne. Then went to rashy splotches and then to super dry patches.
It was always super red and inflammed and would go through a cycle of super dry, crack, ooze, look like a layer of skin had been burned off and then all over again. Plus it was very itchy and irritating to her. Poor girl!

We went to the dermatologist this month and he said is was eczema that has been infected with some sort of bacteria. (my poor kids get the eczema from me...sorry!) She is now on antibiotics and both a steroid and non-steroid cream medication. Hopefully we can keep it under control from now on.

I love how my girl smells and the way she gets super excited and flails her arms and legs when she's playing on the ground. I love the way her brother loves her and how he misses her when she's taking a nap. I love our mother/daughter conversations and that I still have many more hours of holding, rocking, and loving my baby. Happy 4 months sweetie girl!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Greatest moments from the past 7 days

...Carson running down the hill at the park; his cheeks bouncing along

...My little family all in our bed cuddling to keep warm

...Chelsea looking at me--really looking at me in full recognition that I'm her mom and she loves me

...David snuggling with Chels while she tries to tell him about her day

...The rare night when both kids went to bed early.--This created a Mom and Dad ONLY evening. It was well spent

...Carson running towards me, arms open, "MAMA!" Love written in every line of his face

...Clean kitchen, vacuumed floors, toys in bins, bathroom shining

...Beautiful bright rays--allowing us to play at the park (69 degrees)

...Sparkling crisp snow--allowing Carson to experience winter (15 degrees)