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Thursday, January 19, 2012


such a funny boy my son.

here are some of his sayings and interactions of late.

"mom, what's your deal?" --i guess I've said this a few times

carson: i need a thing mom.
mom: ok. what thing
carson: a thing I can use
mom: use for what
carson: cleaning this mess (there is no mess around)
mom: ok, how about a rag
carson: how about two. one for you to help.

"mom, stop being a butt!" ---seriously!? Ok, yes I do say this. often. to his dad. seriously though?! Ahh...

singing I am a child of God (loudly)  "Lead me, guide me, how I miss you!" he knows its wrong but thinks its hilarious

V.T. today: Carson what's your favorite show
carson: (barely audible) lewis
V.T: what, I couldn't hear you.
carson: oh, hmmm...
V.T: (to me) he's so cute
carson: (loudly interrupting) Meet the robinsons!
       He remembered that lewis was not the name of the movie and corrected himself. proud mommy moment

Carson is the language police at our house. he will call out anyone who uses a bad word. and then try and put them in time-out. unfortunately, he doesn't understand that but is different than butt. so most people say bad words around him.

mom: carson, here is your apple, come sit down.
carson: no thanks
mom: why?
carson: cause i don't like you
    says this to multiple questions that have nothing to do with his preferences of people or things. it also doesn't matter who is asking.

Love that little crazy. He really is super fun to have around

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Years 'goal' Numero Uno

As posted to Facebook yesterday,  "Ok, I'm ready for the new year to begin. So for me, Today is Jan. 1st."

Which would make today January 2nd. Before now I've still been in vacation mode and trying to get 2011 wrapped up. I just got back on Sunday from being in SA for my brother Garrett's homecoming. (YAY!) he was in Norway on his mission. We LOVE having him home!

Anyway so now that I'm not leaving in the near future and Christmas is packed and the house is back to normal messes....We can move onto 2012!!

Starting today I am going on a 7 day Cabbage Soup Cleanse. The holidays, my cruise, etc were not kind to me in the feel-good-about-my-body department so I want to start anew and get back on a healthy track. I made the cabbage soup last night and am ready to go today. My hubby is doing it with me so hopefully together we can do it! We are also having a competition of sorts with personal goals to lose some weight. (get in shape). More to come later.

But today is Soup & Fruit day. I can have all the cabbage soup and fruit I want. yummy?!

We'll see how it goes :)