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Friday, August 13, 2010

18 months

Ok, so officially C turned 1 1/2 yesterday but I was way too busy to blog so we're a day late!

Aw, my little boy has almost no essence of baby to him anymore. This morning he was running around, blabbing about who knows what, all while wearing his daddy's socks and shirt. I will get a picture of that some day!

Let's recap on a few of Carson's greatest skills to date.

*Loves his blankie--We have to hide it during meal time otherwise he would use it to wipe himself and his tray clean. The world is also coming to an end everytime we wash it

*Was a fish in another life--he will jump off the edge of the pool, ready or not, so I better be there! --he loves to put his face underwater, blows bubbles, and is learning how to "kick, kick, kick"!

*In the shower he will back up till the water hits just the right spot and say, "ahh"--also loves to back up to sit on your lap and to get lathered up with sunscreen. Something about walking backwards for that kid

*Went to nursery for the first time 2 weeks ago and hasn't looked back once

*daily works out--he will go up the stairs and down the stairs over and over, trying to do it with no hands

*on the first few tries of any task he wants to do it himself, if he really can't get it then it's ok for mommy to help

*Communticates with sign language mostly--he has a HUGE vocabulary in signing. he's too busy building other skills so speaking understandable english will have to come later
---can say mom, dad, tan u (thank you), aaa (yeah), dog, duck, and a few others here and there but usually doesn't take the time to repeat them.

*If you're on the phone, you better hand it over at some point because he has his own business to discuss with whomever you may be talking to

*When carson wants to say no....he shakes his head and jarbles on for a minute or two as to why your request is so ridiculous to him

*Is a total sleeper. This kid LOVES to sleep. He asks for sleep when it's time. He takes a 2 hour nap every day. And he sleeps from 9pm to 9:930am EVERY night. Twice in the last month he has slept in til 11am. Seriously, I could not be pregnant with a better toddler at a better time.

*Loves to fold his arms for prayer

*Loves his shoes

*Will not, no matter who and how hard they try, eat any ice cream, donuts, and other various sweets. His only indulgences are cookies and hard candy.

*Has a thing for cheese

*They first thing he does when he wakes up is give you his blankie. He will try to give you all the other blankets surrounding him before he will reach up for you. The next thing he does is ask for some milk.

*Loves to lift my shirt up over my belly and "pat" baby sister--If we are in a public place and wants to say hi to the baby, he gets mad that I won't let him lift my shirt up. How can he possibly say a proper hello with my shirt in the way!?

*Ceiling fans are the coolest things. He point up at them and circles his hand round and round. Oh and airplans are pretty cool too. He loves to look in the sky for them

*Will always shut the door behind him--excuse me!

*Without question his favorite person outside of mom and dad is Grandpa--if he hears a man's voice, he will sign grandpa. if he hears a lawn mower, he will sign grandpa. I think he'd be ok if grandpa was always around

*Loves to throw balls, kick balls, and make anything tangible into a ball

*Loves to cuddle with his mommy--he is still a mama's boy thru and thru. When he is ready for bed, he literally will ask for his blankie, his bottle, and his mommy. Nothing less will do. In these moments I realize that carson is still my baby and I will always have the memories of him as such.

I just realized I could be here another 2 or 3 hours going on about my little jungle cub but I'm going to cut it short and go on the the next task on my list. I love my son. What a gift it is to be his mother and learn from him more about the eternal plan of happiness.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cooling Off

What do you do when it's been over a hundred degress for the past 2 weeks and all your little boy wants to do is be outside??? You get wet!!

We've been swimming almost everyday and now we usually visit the Splash Pad a few times a week. It's a free park that the city built and has water coming out of the ground. It's a ton of fun!!