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Monday, December 5, 2011

Fall--Football, Pumpkins & Leaves

At the Pumpkin Patch

Waving to Grandpa at Jake's Football game

Goo was such a good sport!

There and Back Again....

I think maybe I'll just post the pics and basically be done from our summer trip.

Here is our last stop of World Tour '11
                  Spokane. With all the Daines' Family.
Some of us LOVED the tubes...

Others not so much.

The 'big kids' get a bit rough---

But Carson always wants in on the action!
After awhile he's content to just be in the boat
There was lots of great cousin time

Grandpa time at the helm
Isn't my Boy super cute!

We had 5 of us do our SCUBA diving certification. Emi, Nathans, Lindsey, Mindy, and Dad had completed theirs earlier in the year. David, Pam, Jake, Emily S., and myself all did it the first 3 days we were there. We started in the pool for beginning training and then passed the test in Coeur d' Alene Lake.

I might look really happy here...but it doesn't show how nervous I was about the whole thing.

David sailed through it all and I think enjoyed most of it!

We did it though, and we're ready for Cozumel and Grand Caymen!

We made it home just in time for everyone to start school. The kids and I were SO ready to be home after a month. It was a great trip though, with so much excitement and lot and LOTS of familY!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

There and Back Again...part 2

See, I'd get to it someday....

Back to our Summer:
Week 3

City #5, Brigham City, UT
Monday morning, after we had loaded the boats, trailers, and tons of food---we headed up to Brigham City for the Facer Family Reunion. We have this every 2 years at the same spot. Its a camp ground with a nice little lake.
We wakeboard, wake-surf, tube, sunbathe, and have an awesome time!
 Chelsea,who had recently learned to crawl, got FILTHY! What was I going to do? Not let her down--yeah right. I went thru an entire Costco baby wipe package.

These 3 are 2 months apart. Hank and Jeffrey are born on the same day

 We taught each other lots of cool, new tricks

 The WORST part of vacation was the sickness. While in Provo, the kids and I all got a cold. Achy, runny noses, sore throat, the works. It wasn't fun. Then on the 4th morning of our camping trip I woke up around 5am and went into the bathroom (yes they do have a disgusting bathroom). I walked right past Angie and threw up in the toilet. Soon after, my mom came in from "getting some air" and told me she wasn't feeling well. Angie then piped up and said she'd thrown up twice already. As I was moaning in the stall, Andelyn came in to tell me that Carson had just thrown up all over the tent trailer. Great.

Throughout the next 24 hours, out of my parents and siblings, everyone got it except Chelsea and my dad. It was awful! I couldn't decide if it was awful because I was sick camping or wonderful because I had help with kids because my dad was there to help.
We packed up on Saturday morning..with James and Canon throwing up. I was finally better since my 24 hours were up. The flu continued to make its way around the entire Facer clan...all 105 of us!  We drove straight to the airport so that the kids and I could get on a plane and fly to Seattle. From there we would fly to S______ for the Daines reunion!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chelsea is ONE

Happy Birthday my baby girl.

We are so blessed  to have you in our family! We love your easy going, carefree, wonderful personality.
You're easy to please, quick to find humor, & frequently self-entertained.
From the very beginning you've been such an easy baby.

Its fun watching the difference between you and your brother.
He is crazy, loud, & a total mama's boy.
You are calm. You like to observe, not really participate in Carson's business.
You love your independence--and you love your mommy too!

By your 1st birthday...
             You had 4 teeth
             You were able to take 3 steps at a time
             Most nights you slept from 8 to 9
             You still prefered to nurse or drink a bottle
             Your blankie is your favorite thing
             18 month clothes are your size
             Yogurt, bananas, bread, and beans were
                    favorite foods
Mommy loves you Chels.
Thanks for being the perfect 2nd child. It makes me excited and hopeful for a 3rd someday.
Don't leave the baby stage too fast..I know the next year is going to fly by!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Today (and for the last several days) I have been waiting for....

*The weather to get cooler. I really am ready for 50-60 degrees. I want to wear jeans and longsleeves and not get hot playing outside. I am ready for jackets & fuzzy crocs, hot chocolate & spiced cider.

*The holidays. With cooler weather comes decorations, fall baking, holiday shopping, birthdays, & family time. I already told David that the Christmas decor is going up after Halloween this year. I love pies, caramel apples, all the food of the season. I love family football, late night games, caroling, and wrapping presents. I love warm fall colors and bright Christmas colors. I love the nativity story and think maybe this year it will make more sense to my children. I love smiling neighbors, door bell suprises, & people bustling about as they conquer their own holiday agenda. I really love this time of year.

*David to finish school. I know, I know, he is not even halfway thru. I miss my husband. I miss Saturdays. It is no longer a family day. Just another day without Dad. We don't have the whole family cuddle time in Mom and Dad's bed because he is always absent. I am grateful for the opportunity that he has to go to school and the sacrafice is worth it. But I'm waiting.

*My brother to come home. Elder Facer will be home from Norway Janurary 12. Just today he wrote in his email of his relief that he was once again reassured of that departure date and not the sooner possibility. I have to feel a little guilty for in his joy, is my dissapointment. I wish he was going to be home for Christmas. I am stoked that Seth, Hansen, and Angie will be there. I can't wait to see them!!! It would be perfect if Garrett was going to be there too. Guess he's a better person than I am. Who can blame him? He wants to serve the Lord in that capacity for as long as he can.

*My friends to come see me. Doesn't any one want to come see me? I come back to visit them...and I look forward to it SO much. Maybe its not recipricol. Or maybe its not as easy I think it is.

*A car. We knew that a new car was enevitable in the next few years. David's just doesn't have the life capacity to hold out for long. It seems like it may have served its time. To fix its most recent repair might not be worth the cost of the vehicle. David won't drive it to work since we aren't sure how reliable it is--and I absolutely HATE driving the thing. Let's just say I wasn't there when he bought it. That was pre-Malerie era. That leaves us with the next decision. What do we do...and what do we get...and how much do we spend?

*That right feeling that we're ready for another baby. I can't believe I was already 8 weeks pregnant with Chelsea when Carson was her age now. He seemed so much older than she is. So much less baby like. Did I mentally make him older because I was expecting another? Maybe, but Chels is still my baby for now. I do miss the little newborn/infant stages. I think I'll always love that. I'm just not ready for another human being in the family. Babies do grow up! For now my two are perfect. But that third will come, sometime.

*The exercise bug to bite me. Maybe I will NEVER have that push, that desire to have a consistant roustine. I know what I don't like, but there are things that I DO like. Why can't that be enough? Why do I have to make it happen? Why do I have to have a lengthy conversation with myself titled, "To work out now or not", only to have it fizzle and die with "NOT". Anyone have tips?

*My kids to wake up. They are both down for a nap (yay!) but---I'm ready to see them again. To hug and kiss their cheeks. I LOVE my kids! I miss them when they're right here, in the house, sleeping! Isn't that funny? They're just great kids like that. You always want them around.

I guess I'll just keep playing the waiting game. Its one I don't particularly mind.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Chelsea: Months 10 & 11

I guess since my goo will turn 1 next week!!!....I better finish a post about her before then!

Here is a picture timeline. You can see how much she grew & changed over the summer.

My fat baby girl :-)

this was a favorite skill for a long time

I love these shoes!! I think they're adorable. I didn't buy them but once she starts walking.....

This is how my Chels throws a fit....make sure everyone is watching...

...and then really show them how tough life is!

Her first ponytail

The two kids have really started playing together; its so fun to watch.
Just last week Chels finally got tooth #3 in. She hasn't really been interested in walking. Sometimes she will lean forward to walk but can't and topples over. She then crawls on ahead like nothing happened. We'll see what happens in the next little while.

I'll probably be more verbal in her 12 month post and give details then!

We love you little girl!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cleaning Secret!

Just cleaned my bathroom glass shower doors....and ALL the soap scum came off!

I used the bathroom specific magic eraser. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber. It took me all of 10 min to clean my shower and that was with 2 kids "helping" and me maneuvering around them. (no harsh chemicals to worry about inhaling) It was wipe, swipe and dry. I used the eraser first--just wiped it down...no real elbow grease, then used a squeegee, and then dried with paper towels.

Shower is now spotless! LOVE IT!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Carson Lately

Self-inflicted time out?? not sure
 Oh my boy,
How mommy loves you.
it was105 degrees outside but he would not take off this jacket

"Please can I have these shoes mom? They light up!"

This morning Carson runs up to me, "Mom, I need sugar."          WHAT?!  

Lately he is very good at telling me what's what.

CARSON: Goobies' awake!!
ME: Chels is NOT awake.
CARSON: Goobies' IS awake.
ME: no, she's not. She's still sleeping.
CARSON: no is not sleeping....

5 min interlude.
CHELSEA: stirring...
CARSON: Goobies' awake!!
----wonder how that happened-----

He is a great big brother...always in her way, keeping things away from her, teaching her what not to do...Maybe he has a few things backwards.

The world still comes to an end every time I wash his blanket.

Tells me he loves me at least 5 times a day....he will sign it too.

precious cargo

He had been asleep for 2 hrs in the car and woke up just seconds before this