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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The BEST little 3 year old...

Can I Just post the pics and be done!? I think YES today.

Chels had on a pair of yellow Mr. Potato Head glasses and carson joined in. Too bad his sister wouldn't let me get a good pic of them together.

Stoked after riding his first roller coaster @ Sea World

Don't they look happy to be on a ride?! Yeah, Looked pretty boring to me too!

"Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam!"

He got a cut just under his nose and insisted on a band-aid...that was the night before! I could not believe he kept it on all night! Plus he looked so goofy, I needed a photo

I love him more and more every single moment! He is such a cool, cute, loving, adventurous little man!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Toddler Girl

It is true, she is no longer a baby. It makes me want to cry. She is so independent about some things its a little scary. Note the pool sequence....

My Chels is a happy thing. She loves to laugh and makes me laugh at her laughing---ah hem, let me clarify. I am pleasantly surprised at what she finds to be funny and I can't help but laugh at what she finds humorous.

This was sent to me by my dad when he was watching them for a week in  April. Made me smile to know that they are my happy goofy kids...even when I'm not there.
She loves to accessorize with random things. You can't see it all, but in the above picture she has a regular outfit on, then a rash guard, swim bottoms, swim diaper, one rain boot and a rubber band bracelet. We consider this to be a normal outfit for her lately.

She will be officially 20 months old on June 12th. That is how old Carson was when she was born! That thought is CRAZY! Both kids are definitely ready for a new baby to come to our house. Carson asks regularly when (he) is coming. Chelsea has become VERY interested in caring for her baby doll. Pushing the doll in a stroller, wrapping it up in a blanket, and smothering it with kisses. Hopefully sooner then later we will have a baby in our house again, but until then, my little Chelsea GOO will just have to keep being my baby--so she better stop growing up!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Women's Conference 2012

Loved everything about this trip!

-Girl Time
-No kids :-)
-Family Time
-NEWBORN!! (my little nephew Holden)
-best friends

Borrowed material

My friend Chantal wrote this on her blog and I wanted to remember it so I am posting it on mine. Thanks CHAN!

"Our Mortal Memory...or Lack there Of"

Do you know why it is so scary that our kids grow up so fast? Its because we forget... we forget the sound of their little giggles and the jibber jabber they carry on so constantly. We forget how they tuck their head down, scrunch their shoulders up and lean when they are trying their best to run. We forget how they point their toes so dainty like and spin circles why dancing like princesses. How they were in complete awe the first time they spotted an airplane out of the sky and have since been scanning the sky for flying creatures. We forget how big they honestly think they are when in our eyes they are so tiny. And how it feels to snuggle  and rock them to sleep or when they crawl in bed next to you in the middle of the night. We forget how it breaks their hearts when we tell them that something they did might make Jesus feel sad. And how squishy their little baby fingers are. We forget the joy they find in simple things like running or jumping or singing. We forget the words to all the millions of songs they make up as they sing all day long. And how they scraped their nose up after tripping over a rock because they would NEVER drop all the flowers they had been picking while hiking. Or how they cry for each other when they know the other is upset or hurt. We forget the way they tease when they are so little you would never believe they are already that clever. We forget how helpful they are and how funny, how sweet and how grumpy, how giving, how innocent, how loving, how easily frightened and how dependent. And even though we write these things down and take pictures... we will never REALLY truly remember them exactly how it was. I sincerely hope that God gives all those memories back to me when I reach the other side.