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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and sometimes the Ugly

I have been absent from the blogging world for far too long. I miss it. I frequently think of the words I would write in a post or the pictures that need to be uploaded and then I do nothing about it. I have discovered the culprit. And the name of this post is directed at it.

My smart phone.

I love my Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket. I really do. And I HATE it. It has made my life easier and my time more easily wasted. With apps like ______ (fill in the blank) w/ friends, Facebook, Zillow, and Instagram--I find myself spending too much time away from my responsibilities. It is great to be able to check my email in a second and have everything "in the palm of my hand".  I could go on with my love/hate relationship...but I will leave it for now.

Because I have access to so much on my phone, I RARELY get on a computer any more. Over the past 3 months I have probably sat down at my computer a grand total of 10 times. Most of them being for a very specific purpose and then I get off. Thus the reason my blog has suffered. I suppose I can't say it would be impossible for me to blog from my phone but I won't. It's too difficult for me to sit there and type it out on my phone keyboard. So I would like to thank my smart phone for my absence from the blogging world. Hopefully I can now remedy to situation. So to do so, I will give a quick update, a few highlights and some photos.

We enjoyed summer, and really continue to enjoy it since we don't have school age kids yet. Every day is summer here. We went to San Antonio in July and my sweet husband surprised me with a getaway for our 5 year anniversary. In August we spent almost 3 weeks in Spokane, Washington with my in-laws. We spent a great amount of time on the lake, playing on the tubes, sand, and with cousins.

We are anxious for cooler weather, the holidays, time with friends, and the arrival of our 3rd child in February. I am 16 weeks along and will soon find out if its a boy or girl. Carson is sure that it is a brother so we regularly try to help him understand that it just might be a girl.

We are happy, healthy, and content. I'll close with photos.