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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chelsea Month:5

I wish there were more moments in the day to sit and stare at my beautiful girl....also to write/brag about her. Guess I'll take what I can get.

*Has no interest in solid foods--at all!

*Rolls over from back to tummy

*Loves to be growled at

*Laughs at her brother when he isn't even doing anything

*When she is talking to you, she wants to have you close enough so that she can grab onto your face...more personal contact:)

*Slobbers like CRAZY

*Goo is getting SO big-- your arms hurt after 3 minutes of holding her! She is a hefty load.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Favorite 2 year old

Yes, a bit late...but that means I am busy living my life:)

Alright, back to Carson. Here are some of my favorite and most notable things about him.

--Lately when he wakes up, he SCREAMS for us to come get him.
--He asks about 20 times to got to Grama's house
--Carson has started to make deals with me. He will let me clip his nails if he gets to do mine after. He will have quiet time if I let him drink his milk on the couch, etc.
--Blankers and he are attached 24/7

--Carson has moved on from bottles and is now a full on sippie cup boy!
--He is slowing working towards no naps...this i am not too excited about
--I love these few sayings he has..
* "o, yes!"
* "Baby bine" for baby signing time
* "o-a mom" for ok mom
* " min an min, me; two" for two vitamins

I love that he is still a mama's boy but has grown quite close to his daddy. He is such a sweetheart...who loves to snuggle. He is very adventurous and always wants to do things independently.

We love you carson