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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cleaning Secret!

Just cleaned my bathroom glass shower doors....and ALL the soap scum came off!

I used the bathroom specific magic eraser. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber. It took me all of 10 min to clean my shower and that was with 2 kids "helping" and me maneuvering around them. (no harsh chemicals to worry about inhaling) It was wipe, swipe and dry. I used the eraser first--just wiped it down...no real elbow grease, then used a squeegee, and then dried with paper towels.

Shower is now spotless! LOVE IT!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Carson Lately

Self-inflicted time out?? not sure
 Oh my boy,
How mommy loves you.
it was105 degrees outside but he would not take off this jacket

"Please can I have these shoes mom? They light up!"

This morning Carson runs up to me, "Mom, I need sugar."          WHAT?!  

Lately he is very good at telling me what's what.

CARSON: Goobies' awake!!
ME: Chels is NOT awake.
CARSON: Goobies' IS awake.
ME: no, she's not. She's still sleeping.
CARSON: no is not sleeping....

5 min interlude.
CHELSEA: stirring...
CARSON: Goobies' awake!!
----wonder how that happened-----

He is a great big brother...always in her way, keeping things away from her, teaching her what not to do...Maybe he has a few things backwards.

The world still comes to an end every time I wash his blanket.

Tells me he loves me at least 5 times a day....he will sign it too.

precious cargo

He had been asleep for 2 hrs in the car and woke up just seconds before this

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dinner: Fish Tacos

I want to keep a record of some of my meals so that on the nights that I can't think of ANYTHING to fix...I'll just refer to my blog for ideas. This is what we ate last night

Fish Tacos

I breaded tilapia loins in Italian breadcrumbs mixed with plain panko. I dredged the loins in flour first, then egg yolk and then the breadcrumbs. I fried it in a pan with enough oil so that the loins were at least halfway submerged. About 5 min on each side.

Then just toppings
sour cream
tomatillo salsa

Saturday, September 10, 2011

There and Back Again

a novel (because it will take FOREVER to finish) by: Malerie

Ok so this summer we left our house for a month long vacation involving 7 cities, 30 hours of driving, 10 hours of flying, and a TON of stuff in between.

IT WAS CRAZY! I'll do my best to recap our adventures.

We left our house on Sunday to drive 5 hours down to my parents house in Sa_____. We hung out there for a few days playing with siblings, gparents, uncles, an aunt...blah blah blah. The best part was riding in the wagon. Here are those pics.

On Wednesday around 7pm we had my parents suburban loaded with 15+ bags, a pack 'n play, SUV stroller, probably 15 pillows (for 8 people) dvds, food, and the tent trailer hitched in back. We drove through the night 14 hours to AZ. The kids sorta slept. They woke up several times and I'd nurse Chels back to sleep and then try to get some shut-eye myself. Lets just say I won't be driving through the night again.

Cities Vail & Tucson, AZ

 My Grandparents (mom's side) and my mom's sister Tracy & family live in AZ. I'm really glad I got to visit them. I think it had been 6 years since I'd been to my gparents house!      We went to the zoo...

 Carson would not leave this tractor alone. It was his favorite "attraction" at the zoo or "bee-youm" as he calls it. Not that it sounds at all like zoo.

it was SO hot I had to keep getting the kids' hair wet to cool them off

 The zoo was actually really fun...and it was one of the quickest trips to the zoo I've ever experienced!

 While in AZ we also played in my aunt's pool, went to In n out several times, and had a really fun time visiting with my cousins there. (they are closer in age to my sibling and my own children so they all had a blast playing with one another). Carson still to this day tells me he want to go to Aunt Tracy's house.

We ate good food, played with toys that I used to play with as a kid, played Shanghai, talked, and really had a great time!

Really not sure how this happened....poor Goo

 City # 4, Provo UT
After 4 full days of fun, we left Monday around noon to make the 13 or so hour drive up to UT. We got in around 1:30am and that was SO much better than all night long. Aw Utah. Home.

Provo House,                

Such a great depiction of their relationship






                          Best Friends,

really unsure of what I'm doing



Aunts & Uncles,



Do I even dare say that this was my favorite part of my vacation....? It was just peaceful and warm, comforting, and familiar. I love coming back home.

I loved seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and remembering why I LOVE being me.   Thanks to the Gill's for letting us stay with you! It was so great to be in your home again.

To be continued......

Friday, September 2, 2011

30 Day Challenge

Day 20: A picture of your favorite book
What classifies as favorite? I figured that since I have read, and re-read these books several times....that probably fits the best reason of being a favorite. I've really enjoyed other books but have a read them over and over again???

I find the story wildly entertaining, easy to read, easy to become absorbed in, etc. It's a silly love story but a am a hopeless romantic!