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Thursday, November 3, 2011

There and Back Again...part 2

See, I'd get to it someday....

Back to our Summer:
Week 3

City #5, Brigham City, UT
Monday morning, after we had loaded the boats, trailers, and tons of food---we headed up to Brigham City for the Facer Family Reunion. We have this every 2 years at the same spot. Its a camp ground with a nice little lake.
We wakeboard, wake-surf, tube, sunbathe, and have an awesome time!
 Chelsea,who had recently learned to crawl, got FILTHY! What was I going to do? Not let her down--yeah right. I went thru an entire Costco baby wipe package.

These 3 are 2 months apart. Hank and Jeffrey are born on the same day

 We taught each other lots of cool, new tricks

 The WORST part of vacation was the sickness. While in Provo, the kids and I all got a cold. Achy, runny noses, sore throat, the works. It wasn't fun. Then on the 4th morning of our camping trip I woke up around 5am and went into the bathroom (yes they do have a disgusting bathroom). I walked right past Angie and threw up in the toilet. Soon after, my mom came in from "getting some air" and told me she wasn't feeling well. Angie then piped up and said she'd thrown up twice already. As I was moaning in the stall, Andelyn came in to tell me that Carson had just thrown up all over the tent trailer. Great.

Throughout the next 24 hours, out of my parents and siblings, everyone got it except Chelsea and my dad. It was awful! I couldn't decide if it was awful because I was sick camping or wonderful because I had help with kids because my dad was there to help.
We packed up on Saturday morning..with James and Canon throwing up. I was finally better since my 24 hours were up. The flu continued to make its way around the entire Facer clan...all 105 of us!  We drove straight to the airport so that the kids and I could get on a plane and fly to Seattle. From there we would fly to S______ for the Daines reunion!