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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Chelsea

My little girl turned 2 last Friday. We had TONS of family in town to celebrate. We went on the Hayride at the Pumpkin Farm and fed donkeys and cows. Then over to Gramma Daines' house for soup, salad, and cake

the "soft" wrapped presents apparently meant pillows for Chels

not sure about the hayride yet

feeding the cows

uncle love

trying on her new clothes

What to say about my daughter. She is super adorable. She has so much personality. She is spunky, stubborn, goofy, independent, smart, etc. Sometime I want to rip my hair out because she is throwing such a fit or will not cooperate. But all that fire and gumption comes from somewhere and I'm pretty sure that most everyone can guess where she got it.

She sleeps great. She goes down around 8:30pm and wakes up around 9am. She still naps for 2 hours in the later afternoon. She has all her teeth but her 2 year molars. She wears 24month/2T clothes and size 7 shoe. Not sure what her exact weight and height stats are but she's about 28 lbs. and 32 inches.

We love her so much!