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Thursday, April 19, 2012

It is Time...

Time to blog again!

Wow, how time flies when you're living life. We really don't have much to report. A few things here and there but whatever it is that we do with our time...it sure keeps us busy!

I'm not at my home computer so pictures will have to come later. But maybe a little timeline will do.

March 3-13
         David and I went to Argentina. The kids stayed with my in-laws. The trip was filled with lots of hiccups. It was good though. Definitely an adventure for the books. (more details to come with the pics)

End of March
         Lots of swimming, A visit with our cousins, a lot of new recipes tried (thanks to pinterest), and some crazy storms.

        General Conference. My family came for a nice 24 hour visit. I'll take what I can get but it definitely was NOT long enough.

         Easter. It was a quiet weekend. Just David, me and the kids. They loved the egg hunts!

See...not a lot to report. My Chelsea is growing up WAY too fast! I am constantly amazed at what she is able to do by herself. She uses so many words together and is very good at communicating. Sometimes it is loud and annoying...but hmmm, she is her mother's daughter--Stubborn & insistent. Now, her insatiable curiousity is a little more hard for me to place. She has begun to pass it on to her brother too. Needless to say, I have two very busy toddlers to keep track of. Speaking of.....

......til next time.


Chantal Marie said...

What?! Argentina?! Jealous.

Esplins said...

Sounds fun! You always have exciting things going on. Next up... Utah?